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How To Enable Proactive Live Chats
Humans can be pretty bad at asking for help and we generally won't raise our hand unless prompted. This is[...]
Setting Proactive Chats by Language
One of the best things about the internet is that it gives you the ability to expand your business way[...]
Trigger Live Chat Popup Messages Automatically to New vs Returning Website Visitors
You may want to trigger different proactive live chat invitations depending on whether the website visitor is new or returning.[...]
How To Trigger Automatic Proactive Popup Messages From Your Facebook Ads
Our proactive technology allows you to trigger a live chat initiation to website visitors who have clicked onto your website[...]
Viewing & Exporting Chat Logs
There may be times where you want to read over past chat transcripts - perhaps for training purposes, or to[...]
Automatic Live Chat Routing to Specific Chat Agents
To provide the best possible service for your customers, it's best practice to route live chats to agents most qualified[...]
Integrating Email, Knowledge Bases and Plugins with Live Chat Software
Our live chat software can integrate with a range of tools, such as email, your knowledge base, your CRM, Zapier[...]
Adding & Using Canned Messages For Live Chat Conversations
Canned messages are pre-written messages which can be saved as shortcuts. These shortcuts can be used during live chats to[...]
How To Use Labels & Tagging In Handlr Live Chat Software
What are Live Chat Labels? Labels are the perfect solution for businesses needing to categorise their live chats. Chat agents[...]
How To Customise Your Live Chat Box Design
Some live chat providers give you the choice of a couple of pre-built chat box designs and you're lucky if[...]
Using Live Chat to Take Secure Credit Card and Secure Data Transfers
Both you and your website visitors want data to be transferred securely and ethically. Our Secure Data Transfer feature allows[...]
How To Set Up Live Chat Agent Priority Tiers
Priority tiers are available in the Handlr live chat Premier and Enterprise plans. Our live chat software allows businesses to[...]
Live Chat Agent Chat Demand Capacity Reports
Use our clever capacity reports to see when you're most busy. This allows you to schedule staff shifts accordingly -[...]
Monitoring Live Chat Agent Performance
Our proactive live chat software tracks agent activity so that you're able to monitor their performance. This allows you to[...]
Integrating Live Chat Software With Zapier allows you to connect Handlr live chat software and trigger automations with over 1000 apps immediately after a live[...]
How to disable live chat on a widget or website
  By default, once agents are added to a widget they will be able to receive chats, providing they're shown[...]
How to disable the offline chat form
  To disable the offline chat form from displaying, simply navigate to Settings --> Design Studio --> Edit (ensuring you[...]
How To Disable Proactive Chat Popups
  To disable proactive chat popups, navigate to Settings --> Proactive Chat and deselect "Enable Proactive Chat".  
How to configure and use the live chat call back widget
  What does the callback widget do? Lots of businesses, especially high ticket sales will ultimately need to speak with[...]

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