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See how to use the live chat hub in our guides below

If you cannot find the guide you were looking for, please contact us and our team will be more than happy to create a new guide for you!

How To Use The Live Chat Hub For Chat Agents
Watch our video below to learn how to use our live chat software as an agent. The video covers what[...]
Adding & Using Canned Messages For Live Chat Conversations
Canned messages are pre-written messages which can be saved as shortcuts. These shortcuts can be used during live chats to[...]
How To Use Labels & Tagging In Handlr Live Chat Software
What are Live Chat Labels? Labels are the perfect solution for businesses needing to categorise their live chats. Chat agents[...]
How To Change The Auto Pause Settings For Live Chat Agents
Do you keep being paused when you're logged into the chat hub? Think its a bug? We can confirm it[...]
Using Live Chat to Take Secure Credit Card and Secure Data Transfers
Both you and your website visitors want data to be transferred securely and ethically. Our Secure Data Transfer feature allows[...]
How to configure and use the live chat call back widget
  What does the callback widget do? Lots of businesses, especially high ticket sales will ultimately need to speak with[...]

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