How to disable live chat on a widget or website


By default, once agents are added to a widget they will be able to receive chats, providing they’re shown as Available, have the capacity for more live chats and the chat assignment schedule time is correct.

If you still want to be able to receive live chats, you can disable proactive chat popups and this will still let your visitors click on the chat button to start a live chat with you manually.

Removing all agents from a widget will disable live chats to that widget. However, there may be times this may not be convenient as if you intend on using that widget again in the future, you’ll have to add the chat agents again.


Disable Live Chat On A Widget

If you want to stop a widget from receiving chats on your website, navigate to settings –> agent settings and uncheck the box Enable Chat.


Disable live chats on a specific widget

If you do this, no live chats will come through and this will effectively pause the widget as shown below.

paused live chat widget


The offline form will still display if you had it set to display when your agents are offline or unavailable. You can disable the offline chat form in the design studio.


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