What are widgets and how do I add one?


What are live chat widgets?

A live chat widget is a live chatbox which has its own independent live chat code, settings, designs, reporting and permissions etc within the same live chat account. Every account has at least one widget and some accounts contain additional widgets. If you need more widgets, you can purchase them from your member’s area.


What are the widgets used for?

Typically a customer would use extra live chat widgets if they have:

  1. Multiple brands & websites e.g. Mondelez owns Cadbury but they also own Kenco.
  2. Multiple departments e.g. sales department and customer service department.
  3. Multiple languages e.g. sales teams in English and also in French.
  4. Different support levels e.g. Basic customer support accessible to everyone online, and then a higher tier customer support who help when a basic support agent transfers a chat to the higher support tier for more expert support.
  5. Large teams e.g. For internal communications on the intranet.


Can agents be applied to more than one widget?

Yes, a single agent can be assigned to multiple widgets and have a different agent priority tier level.

Imagine you have a staff member called John. John is a sales specialist selling large houses for your company which is called Great Estates. You also have another company which specialises in selling Caravans called Caravan Dream.

John can be added to the widget for Great Estates and also for the widget Caravan Dream. If a visitor goes on Great Estates and starts a live chat, this will come through to John. Whilst chatting with a visitor on Great Estates, another visitor from Caravan Dream starts a chat, as John is the only agent available, that chat also goes to John.

John will know what website they are chatting from because it is displayed on his screen.


Can a single widget be used on multiple websites?

Yes, you can add the live chat code on as many websites as you want. It will display the same chat box design and associated settings unless you use a different widget.


How do I add more widgets?

When logged into your admin area, you will always see a widget. This will be your default widget assuming you’ve not added any extra widgets, or it may be the last widget you accessed.

In this case, you can see a widget called “My Great Company”. Below that, you have the Dashboard for the widget, Chat logs, Analytics and Settings. If you have a Premier plan you’ll also see Permissions.

Individual live chat widget


If you click on the down arrow next to the selected widget, you’ll see a list of widgets assigned to your account.

NOTE: If you have the Premier plan and provided admin access to staff, they will only see the widgets for which they are permitted to access.

List of all handlr live chat widgets on the account


To add extra widgets, click on Create a new Widget at the bottom of the list.


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